FlingCom Review

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Overall 91/100
Local Search10/15
Last Login15/15
Free Contact15/15
Trust Rank5/5
Chat Board5/5
Instant Mes.5/5

Adult dating industry has come a long way from its traditional approach to a more technological approach. With the Internet opening up doors for millions of people, online dating craze soon caught up with it. Today, dating services are competing against each other to provide best service to their customers. With many innovative services, these dating site will offer you a wide range of service packages.

One of the leaders in the dating, Flingcom which was established in the late 1995. With over 10 years of experience in the dating industry, they have built up a huge member base. A simple and an easy-to-use site with search features, this site truly stands out and people flocking to get their service does not come as a surprise. With a jam-packed member base, each member is spoiled with choices from almost every part of this world. They enjoy this huge success due to their excellent customer support and almost all Fling.com members will echo the fact that they are getting their money's worth if not less.

Catering to the adult industry, Flingcom is compulsive about their members being above the age of 18 years. Having frequent updates on new members and latest activities, this dating service makes sure that each and every member is updated on the most happening things on Fling.com. Each member can check out the sexy photos of thousands of hot members and swingers. Whether you are looking for fun, one night stand, sex or even long term relationship, Fling.com will help you find exactly the stuff you are looking for. Due to the fact that the registration is free, you can experience few of their services and decide to become a paid member once you are satisfied with them. Their service is geared towards adult crowds mainly looking for sex, however, this does not mean that you cannot find love here.

Interesting features of Fling.com are the video chat and the discreet profile settings. You have the choice to choose who can see your profile and who can't. With most other dating sites offering no real way to view their members without you making your pockets light, this site offers you just that. This has been one of the USP's of Fling.com. Their special features outnumber all the other dating sites. So, if you were looking to hook up and didn't know how to, just log on to Fling.com and experience life as never before.